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All Classes EXCEPT BASIC (8 & Older) are for Teens 13+ & Adults.  

Tap Shoes are not required but they enhance the experience.


This class will provide the dancer with the opportunity to discover the joy of the tap dancer within.  Therefore this class is for the student who has never danced or may have less than 1 year of tap dance experience. In addition to understanding time and rhythm, the dancer will develop an understanding of tap vocabulary such as flaps, shuffles, cramp rolls and ball change.  This class will enable the student to successfully execute these and other basic, fundamental tap dance skills.


This class is for students who have learned basic tap steps and tap vocabulary. The student should have completed at least 1 year of tap dance training and will be introduced to to basic musical accompaniment.  Students learn new vocabulary, become more comfortable with movement and develop a strong foundation of tap technique.


This class is for students who are comfortable with beginner level tap technique and tap dance vocabulary.  The student is ready for a variety of time steps, simple combinations, movement at a quicker pace and developing strength and clarity of sound.


This class is for students who have a good knowledge of all tap vocabulary.  Students are introduced to more advanced concepts such as musicality, improvisation, more complex combinations, use of space and choreography.  Students gradually develop speed, clarity, and understanding of time and tempo.


This class is geared towards students who have strong technique, and an understanding of tap musicality.  This class explores interpretation, rudiments of improvision and interpretation. Personal style and expression is explored in this class along with continued growth as a tap artist.  


Maurice Chestnut -TEACHING TAP

This class is designed for anyone who teaches tap.  Students in this class may be tap professionals, dance studio teachers, tap dancer just beginning to teach tap or seasoned professionals who have been teaching tap for many years. This class is designed to inspire teachers with new directions in teaching tap technique, exploring choreography and keeping joy and spirit in the dance.  

Deborah Mitchell - TOCA  (Tap dancers Of a Certain Age/ 65+)

Read all about this class under the TOCA Tab!


Classes // $15

TOCA // $10

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