Tap Dancers of a Certain Age 


Love to tap but need instruction a bit slower, well paced and  repeated often?

Not comfortable being in a class with adolescents and young adults?


TOCA is designed with the needs of the older, vibrant, engaged senior dancer who appreciates the art form of tap dancing but needs a class geared to their needs.  This class offers more than steps.  It is an opportunity to enjoy tap dancing without the pressure of performing, memorizing routines, making a weekly commitment or feeling embarrassed because you feel you just "can't keep up".  Dance with you peers, listen to music from your generation and simply enjoy a stress free hour.  

TOCA is taught by award-winning tap artist, Deborah Mitchell, Founder of New Jersey Tap Dance Ensemble.  As a performer with Broadway, film credits and years of experience teaching, mentoring and inspiring every age group tap dancer, Ms. Mitchell understands the unique needs of the older dancer who has not retired from life.  

As a mature dancer who continues to perform, teach and produce tap works, Ms. Mitchell explains, "I too have had health and life issues that would discourage many individuals from engaging in some of their favorite activities.  But I know the value of the art form in my life, the joy, the freedom and longevity it has provided me and my career.  It's the music within each of us.  It's movement, rhythm, balance, strengthening focus and most of all, fun!!


Try it!! 

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