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The Outreach Program provides children and adults in the general public access to tap resources, opportunities to take classes, periodic observations of open company rehearsals and involvement in other tap experiences.  Participants are able to engage in these activities without any professional aspirations or commitments.


About the Outreach Program Classes



All classes are held at our home BPA Broadway Performing Arts, 357 Broad Street, Bloomfield, NJ (behind the CVS Parking Lot) (unless specified at a different location with a partnering organization or venue for a special event)


Outreach classes are typically the SECOND AND FOURTH Sunday of each month.  However, always check the date since some months have 5 weeks.


All Classes are DROP-IN (unless registration indicated) and open to all ages and abilities.  (children should be at least 8 years of age to enjoy the experience)


While restructuring  our program to include more level classes, we are currently offering 3 Classes each scheduled Sunday.  The Teaching Artist may vary.  This provides the student  with an opportunity to experience diversity in teaching methodology and style.



The following is a description of these classes.  Classes are typically 50 minutes to 1hr. in length.  

If you are not sure which class to take, feel free to email for assistance.

ADULT OPEN  CLASS  - A mixed level class for adults 

ADULT ABSOLUTE BEGINNER CLASS - A class for the adult who has never tapped before or needs a refresher class


ADVANCED BEGINNER CLASS – Recommended for tap dancers with at least 2 years of rhythm tap training.


INTERMEDIATE/ADVANCED CLASS – Recommended for dancers with more extensive training in rhythm tap background 

We also wish to invite you to our OPEN REHEARSAL on the FOURTH Sunday of each month.  Open Rehearsals are 3pm – 4pm and free of charge. Open Rehearsals allow you to see the artists at work.  

CLASS FEES - $15 per class / $10 Seniors (65+) and those challenged





You Won't Believe What's Inside!!

Cost of Bag $30

Outreach Session Dates

10/22/23; 11/12/23; 11/26/23; 12/10/23; 1/14/24; 1/28/24; 2/11/24; 2/25/24;

3/10/24; 4/14/24; 4/28/24; 5/12/24; 5/26/24

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